The Stages of Existence are what compose the beyond infinite realms of The BTUverse. Though the BTUverse in its entirety is a place which is larger and more massive then that of anything recorded within the Infinite Monkey Theorem, The Infinite Possibility Theorem, so on and so fourth, this page will list what has been observed and subsequently defined within the BTUverse so far.


The StagesEdit

The White PagesEdit

The lowest level of The BTUverse. As the BTUverse is an alternate plain of real life where fiction of any kind applies and exists, The White Pages embody the BTUverses lowest level. The White Pages are simple. Any form of fiction, transfiction, metafiction, fan fiction, so on and so fourth are subject to be written. That is their limit. And that is what ultimately holds them back from advancing into anything significant within the BTUverse. This is where the most abstract and insane of masses that serve as plains are little more than microbial droplets. Because all fiction is limited to the white pages it is written on, to the blank documents it is saved on, etc. The White Pages are any verse of an size yet and un yet created or conceived of, which can be interacted with and manipulated by those within the BTUverse if they so desire. Attempting to go beyond the white pages for any work of fiction simply makes the realm of the white pages bigger, and yet, it remains infinitely smaller than anything that can perceive it within the BTUverse.